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Do you want to improve working capital ratios and release cash?

When scoping client assignments we prioritise quick wins which release cash, thereby improving working capital ratios. This eases management pressure and creates time to assess strategic changes which drive longer term performance improvement.

Quick wins such as:-

Creditor / debtor day ratios
Reduction in outflow of cash to revenue expenses
Efficiencies from rationalisation of capacity and resource
Liquidation of non-core assets
Terminating residual stocks


Would you like to cost effectively restructure your consumer sector organisation?

For over a decade we have provided cost effective restructuring services, on behalf of investors, lenders and corporate management.

With a wealth of advisory and hands-on experience in B2C and B2B recovery environments, we can identify restructuring opportunities and drive change by influencing business management.



Wholesale Supply and Consumer Brands
Multi Channel Retail
Direct Channel Retail

  Mail Order - Catalogue - e-commerce - Social Media

"the experience and expertise you demonstrated allowed us to take a big step forward in changing the ways we work� your intimate knowledge of the retail arena has also meant a very satisfactory result�it has been a pleasure for us to work with such "nice people"� Brian Collinson, Finance Director � Jolleys Petfood Superstores.





Customer Heartbeat


See behind the blindspot to true customer perceptions. A service for equity investors and lenders

Expert Witness Service


Inventory expert witness specialist service

Consumer Indicators


Trends which influence and
derive from consumer behaviour